What are the payment options? Do I have to pay in full, or can I register with a deposit?

You do not have to pay in full when you register, although you may, and there are no additional fees when you pay in full for a session. 

There is a payment plan option, and with that you must at least pay $30 of your amount due during your initial registration (or any time you come back to add sessions). For payment plans, a surcharge of $5 per session is added to the weekly total. The $30 payment is non-refundable, non-transferrable, and is used as a deposit to hold your selected sessions. Remaining payments for weekly fee amounts are due the Monday prior to each session. 

  • A late fee of $10 per child will be added to the remaining payments beginning on the Tuesday prior to each session. 
  • If there is a waiting list, your child’s spot may be forfeited if remaining payments are not received on time.
  • Any remaining payment must be received by 10am on Friday, or your child’s registration may be cancelled.  If your registration was cancelled, you will be required to re-register and pay all fees in full (you will not receive credit for previous deposits). 
  • All sessions will close for new registrants and payments by 10am on the Friday before each session start. 

If you pay in full initially, and cancel at a later date, you will only receive a partial refund, the session fee minus the $30 deposit (if cancelled prior to the deadline). 

Because registrations are NOT 100% irefundable and are not transferrable, please be sure you are accurate and confident with your selections.

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