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The Iredell County Register of Deeds has Birth Records from 1913 to present for persons born in Iredell County. 

Ordering a Birth Certificate

There are 2 ways to order a birth certificate:

  • Complete the Iredell County Birth Certificate Application (PDF) and email, fax, mail, or deliver in person per the instructions on the application. If you are submitting your request through email or fax, please allow us approximately 10 minutes to receive your request before you call with payment.
  • Order a birth certificate online through the Permitium Records Requests website. If you have questions about how to operate this website, please contact (855) 642-2453. Additional fees will apply when using Permitium

Statewide Birth Certificates

The Iredell County Register of Deeds now offers access to birth certificates from the Statewide Vital Records database. With this system we are able to issue birth certificates for persons born in any of the 100 counties of North Carolina. In order to obtain a birth certificate from outside of the county of Iredell, you must be prepared with the correct spelling of names, correct parent information, and the correct birth information. There are, however, a few restrictions that apply:
  • The person must be born after 1971
  • The person MUST NOT have been adopted
  • The person MUST NOT have a delayed certificate

Adopted Persons

We do not have birth records for persons who have been legally adopted. Those records must be requested from the North Carolina Department of Vital Records


if you wish to obtain photocopies of vital records for genealogy purposes, please send us a formal request through the mail. Attached to this formal request should be $1 for postage or a preaddressed and stamped envelope.

Online Database

Persons doing family research can access our online database. Please note, you will not have access to the actual image of a birth record, unless physically inside of the Register of Deeds office.