Emergency Preparedness

Health care providers should immediately call the Iredell County Health Department if they suspect a serious or life-threatening communicable disease, at 704-878-5300.
 If you have questions, or would like more information contact the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Department at 704-761-2487, or 



EPZThe mission of the Iredell County Public Health Emergency Preparedness program is to provide organized and quick responses during disasters and emergencies. Public Health emergencies can include natural events (flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.) and planned acts (like the use of weapons for mass destruction and bioterrorism). The Emergency Preparedness program provides services such as education, training and information on public health emergencies.


Bioterrorism is a different type of terrorism. It involves the use of organisms for the purpose of spreading potentially deadly illnesses, viruses and infections. Bioterrorism is the illegal use of microorganisms or toxins to cause death or sickness in humans, animals, or plants. This is done to create fear, cause injury and/or death, and to threaten governments and communities.

How Public Health prepares for and responds to emergencies and disasters

Public Health has an important role in preparedness and response. Public Health response includes recognizing the disease and stopping and preventing the spread of disease. During outbreaks the department may set up dispensing sites to pass out medications and provide information to the community on ways to avoid catching the illness.

In the event of a disaster or emergency, the Iredell County Public Health Department has emergency procedures to help protect the community. These procedures include sharing information with the public on ways residents can protect themselves, and agreements with specific local agencies to set up medication clinics, as necessary. Finally, the Iredell County Public Health Department participates as a member of the emergency response community to work collaboratively on any public health emergency.


If you have questions or would like more information contact the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program at 704-761-2487 or smoose@iredellcountync.gov