Permits & Plan Review Fees

Many different types of permits are required to be issued by the North Carolina Fire Code. The following is a list of the types of permits as well as any fees incurred in their issuance:

Required Operational Permits
These permits are issued because of certain operations/processes that are involved. There is no charge for operational permits.
  • Amusement buildings
  • Carnival and fairs
  • Combustible dust producing operation
  • Combustible fibers
  • Compressed gases
  • Covered mall buildings
  • Cryogenic fluids
  • Cutting and welding
  • Exhibits and trade shows
  • Explosives
  • Flammable/Combustible liquids
  • Fumigation and thermal insecticidal fogging
  • Industrial ovens
  • Liquid/Gas fueled vehicles or equipment in assemblies
  • Lumber yards/woodworking plants
  • Open flames and candles
  • Private fire hydrants
  • Pyrotechnic special effects
  • Spraying and dipping
Required Construction Permits
These permits (effective date of July 1, 2013) are issued due to the use of equipment noted:

ABC Permit Inspection Fee
Blasting Permit $100
Burning Permit (North Carolina Forest Service Permit) No charge
Firework Display Application and Site Inspection $100
Firework Display Permit and Pre and Post Site Event Inspections $250
Group-Foster Inspection (State Required Inspections)
(Repeat inspection for non-compliant violations)
Hydrant Flow Testing (per hydrant) single hydrant test
(Non Fire Tax Board installations)
Fire Alarm System Plan Review And Inspection Including Performance Testing
(Retrofit or existing)
$0.02 per square feet or $250 minimum
Kitchen Hood System Plans Review and Inspection Including Performance Testing
(Retrofit or existing)
Other Fire Protection Systems Plans Review and Inspection and Performance Testing
(Retrofit or existing)
Spray Booth System Plans Review and Inspection Including Performance Testing
(Retrofit or existing)
Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems Permit and Inspection Including Performance Testing
(Retrofit or existing)
$0.02 per square feet; or $250 minimum
Tank Install or Removal Permit and Site Inspection (above or below ground) $100 per tank
Fuel Pump Dispenser Inspection and Permit (including nozzle replacement) $50 per dispenser
Tent , Canopy, Inflatable Structures Application and Permits:
Permits requirements as follows:
  • Tents (sides enclosed) and membrane structures - exceeding 400 square feet
  • Canopy structures - exceeding 700 square feet (open sides)
  • Clusters of Small Canopy Tents- Exceeding 700 square feet without separation
$100 per structure

Licensed 501(c)(2): no charge
Other National Fire Code Operational Permits
No charge
Occupancy Load Permit Evaluation and Placard
Amusement Structures Permit, Inspection, and Plans Review
(i.e. Haunted Houses and Trails)
Assembly Occupancy Permit (A-1 and A-2)
Hazardous Materials Permit and Inspection
(Exceeding Table 2703.1.1 (2)(3) National Fire Code)
Explosive Storage - Permit and Inspection