1. Elections - 10 Facts about NC's Photo ID Requirement for Voting

    Please read the attached link (under additional information) from the NC State Board of Elections concerning the Voter ID Requirements starting in 2023. Read on...
  2. Elections - Photo ID Required for Voting in 2023

  3. Elections - New Rulings Concerning Individuals Convicted of Felonies

    NC State Board of Elections updates voter registration applications with new language about individuals convicted of felonies. Please click on the attached link under additional info. for details. Additional Info...
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The Board of Elections is responsible for supervising voter registration and conducting all elections held within Iredell County. Its functions include: 

  • Appointing election officials
  • Establishing election precincts
  • Hearing appeals
  • Investigating voter irregularities

   Board Members

  • Alan G. Carpenter, Chairman
  • Ginky Lee Torres-Lespier, Secretary
  • Jason B. Abernethy
  • Christopher S. "Chris" Carney
  • James A. "Jim" Dobson

The Board of Elections meets for regular scheduled meetings on the first Tuesday of each month (if there is business to conduct) at 1:15 pm at the Board of Elections Office.