Lost & Found Pets

Lost Pets
Please note: If you find your pet, please be prepared to give the identification number listed on the website when you contact the shelter. Search a list of lost animals based on type:
How to Help A Lost (Or Found) Pet
  1. Check for a collar and tags if you find a lost pet.
  2. Take the pet to a veterinarian or shelter to have the pet scanned for a microchip.
  3. Ask the veterinarian to determine the pet’s age and breed.
  4. Take pictures of the pet’s face and side shots.
  5. Report a lost or found pet so we can post the information on our Facebook page. Post the pet on your Facebook page as well.
  6. If you have already contacted the shelter and listed the pet as lost/found, please let the staff know when you call so it’s not entered into the system twice.
  7. Make posters with the above information and put them up at area grocery stores and anywhere that sells pet food.